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Automotive Lobby
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Automotive Lobby

You’re looking for information on Automotive Lobby industry.
This survey outlines the key trends in the automotive industry up to year end 2005. The industry overview chapter takes a global perspective while the major markets chapter breaks global statistics down to the regional level. The top six producers in the world are looked at in terms of their financial profile, business profile, strategy and outlook. The full survey consists of twelve chapters (see table of contents), some of which can be bought separately below.

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Published 2006

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31st October 2007 - Automotive Industry may be forced into showing CO2 Warnings

As part of the European Commision’s pledge to curb CO2 emissions, those companies within the automotive industry may be forced to carry CO2 emission health warnings on all their marketing and advertising communications. Under the proposed guidelines, this would result in marketers within the automotive industry setting aside 20% of all promotional and direct marketing literature space to show the vehicle’s fuel consumption, environmental costs and the impacts. The director general of FEDMA (Federation of European Direct and Interactive Marketing), Alastair Tempest, criticised this proposal. He points out that this would reduce the amount of direct marketing for vehicles in that for every 20 page brochure, 4 pages will need to be devoted to CO2 emissions, he also questioned how it would work on websites. FEDMA also feels that in the medium to long term, these health warnings will simply be ignored - just like the warnings on tobacco.

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